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Esurance is an online insurance company that provides auto insurance to motorists in 43 states. It is owned by Allstate, one of the country’s largest insurers, and has an A+ financial rating from major credit agencies. It offers multiple lines of insurance, meaning you can save on your car insurance when you purchase other products such as property insurance.
Pros and Cons
Esurance is a car insurance company fit for the twenty-first century, with a sleek website and mobile app offering multiple functionalities. You can use your smartphone to apply for and purchase auto insurance, file a claim, check all your documentation, get assistance, and call for emergency roadside service – without ever needing to pick up the phone or speak to someone face to face.
Another benefit of using Esurance is that it offers many opportunities to get discounts on your premiums (some of which are listed in the next section below). Esurance will even reward you with savings if you switch over to them from another insurance company.
Esurance is available in 43 states, but programs and discounts can vary from state to state. To discover whether Esurance is available in your state and can offer the type of insurance you require, you’ll need to fill out a request for an online quote.
Types of Auto Insurance
Esurance provides a choice of the following types of auto insurance:
Bodily Injury (BI) and Property Damage (PD) liability. BI covers medical expenses and lost wages for injured drivers or passengers. PD covers expenses for damaged vehicles or other property, such as a fence or house.
Uninsured / Underinsured motorist liability. Covers BI and PD liability in the event you have an accident with a motorist who is uninsured or underinsured and can’t cover their liabilities.
Collision. Covers expenses for a damaged vehicle or damaged parts resulting from a collision with another vehicle.
Comprehensive. Also known as “other than collision”, this pays for repairs for damages from natural disaster, vandalism, theft, weather events, or collision with an animal.
Medical payments. Covers accident-related medical and funeral expenses for you and any passengers.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP). More wide-ranging than medical payments in that covers medical expenses for you and your passengers, regardless of who was at fault in the accident.
Emergency roadside service. Also called towing and labor coverage in some states, this can be added to comprehensive and collision coverage. It provides emergency services in that case of a breakdown, such as tire change, gas delivery, battery jump-start, and locksmith services.
Rental car coverage. Covers the cost of a rental car if your own car is being repaired after an accident. In some states, Esurance offers CarMatch Rental Coverage, which covers the rental cost of a vehicle comparable in size and body type to your own car.
Loan/lease gap coverage. Designed to help you if your car suffers a total loss, this pays for the gap between the value of your car and what your car is worth after an accident.
In addition, Esurance offers a multitude of ways to earn discounts on your auto insurance.
Policy discounts. Includes: a a 5% discount on your first-term premium by starting a quote online; discounts on homeowners’ and car insurance by purchasing both from Esurance; up to 10% off your premium for paying in one lump sum instead of monthly intervals; up to 15% off for attending or being a graduate of a Pac-12 school; and extra discounts for residents of Illinois, Utah, or Virginia who purchase their policy online.
Driver discounts. Includes: a 5% discount plus additional personalized discounts for downloading and using the DriveSense mobile app, which measures your driving behavior; up to 10% off certain coverages for people aged 50-60+ (depending on where you live) who complete a DMV-approved defensive driving class; up to 10% off for meeting good-driver or good-student standards.
Vehicle discounts. Includes discounts for having multiple vehicles in one policy, or for installing an anti-theft device, safety device, or antilock brakes.
How to Apply
It’s quick and easy to get a quote with Esurance. If you’re familiar with filling out forms online or on your smartphone, then you can apply for and purchase car insurance within just 10-15 minutes. On the Esurance website, just select “Auto” from the scroll-down menu, enter your zip code, and press “Go”. You’ll be taken through the following forms:
  • Basics: Required you to enter personal details including name, email, phone, and home address.
  • Cars: This is where you fill in details about your vehicle or vehicles, including year, make, model, and annual mileage.
  • Drivers: Requires additional information about you and any additional policy holders, including driving history, employment history, and information about home ownership.
  • Insurance: If you’re currently insured, this is where you enter information about your current insurance provider and policy.
Within a few seconds you’ll see your quote on the screen and be given the chance to add and drop certain types of coverage. If you’re satisfied, you can purchase your policy right away.
Filing a Claim
As mentioned earlier, Esurance allows policy holders to report, track, and manage claims through its mobile app. You can also speed up your appraisal process with the app’s photo claims and video appraisal features. Obviously, using an app helps make the claims process quicker and easier. However, if you prefer to speak directly to support staff, you can file a claim 24/7 via toll-free number 1-800-ESURANCE (1-800-378-7262).
Contact Esurance
Esurance staff and agents can be contacted via the following channels:
Phone: 800-580-7750 to speak to an agent via toll-free phone number.
Social Media: Tweet to @EsuranceCares to get a response.
Email: Esurance offers a direct contact form on its website and promises to respond to queries within 24 hours.
Esurance is a multi-line insurer for the digital age, making it easy for customers around the country to purchase car insurance or file claims online or by mobile app. It offers its customers a wide range of ways to lower their premiums, rewarding them with discounts for using its online quote tool, for bundling together car insurance with homeowners’ insurance, and for following safe-driving practices. It offers a full suite of car insurance programs for drivers in most of the United States.